est. 2020


Cobble Hill, Brooklyn


Fortis Property Group

The Polhemus Memorial Clinic was founded by Caroline Herriman Polhemus as an extension of a nearby hospital for the impoverished, with a hybrid of medical and educational facilities. Constructed from 1896 to 1897, the clinic’s brick and limestone home was initially viewed as a towering medical facility because of its 8-story height. BKSK will lead the design transformation of the Beaux-Arts building into a 17-unit residential project, whose program differs significantly from the patient rooms, surgical facilities, labs, and auditoriums currently found within. Major design work will include the relocation of the building core to allow for improved residential layouts and views, the lowering of the top floor’s six foot high window sills, and the removal of a third-floor pedestrian bridge that currently connects Polhemus Memorial to another building across Amity Street. The latter will include the restoration of original building detail from before the mid-20th century construction of the bridge. The proposed renovations for the building, which is located in the Cobble Hill Historic District Extension, were unanimously approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission in September 2015.

AMA Engineering Consultants – MEP engineer; Weidlinger Associates – structural; Kugler Ning – lighting design; Iros Elevator – elevator consultant