Project Type

Traditional Home




Garrison, NY



This 6,000 square foot home sits on one of the most spectacular locations on the Hudson River. Originally a ranch-style house, BKSK Architects transformed the residence with a four-story addition. Wrapping the main residence are large porches and terraces, which offer spectacular views the Hudson River. A pergola connects to a spacious garage/garden center. The interior boasts atypically shaped rooms including an octagonal kitchen and library tower and the elliptical dining room. Two guest suites are located on different floors from the large master suite and the basement houses a rustic/Roman/high tech recreation space that includes a gym, spa and locker rooms. The building is capped by a fourth story belvedere under a domed copper roof.

"Octagons are a practical shape from an architectural standpoint. They fit together neatly and maximize interior space."