62 Beach St, Tribeca, NYC


Arrete Development

A comprehensive restoration of two 80,000 square foot warehouses in Tribeca honors the history of the buildings and the neighborhood, while designing for their new use as luxury loft residences. The project involved significant bulk relocation and the creation of a new courtyard and three additional top floors. On the interior, exposed beams and brick walls speak of the buildings’ former use and create an inspiring living area. An additional 26,000 square feet of new construction was integrated with the Landmark-designated structures.

The cornice-less and heavily-patched exterior façades, extensive settling, water damage and vandalism had left the Fisher Mills buildings in a condition of impending implosion. Our research uncovered a more complicated history of the commercial complex than had been evident, and pointed the way to a visible three-floor rooftop expansion and an ambitious façade restoration that both honor the buildings’ character and reveal an ongoing evolution of use in this burgeoning residential neighborhood.

Photos by Jonathan Wallen