175 West 10th Street, NYC

This odd triangular lot is the by-product of an avenue extension that in 1919 was ruthlessly cut through the heart of the West Village. To this day, the thoroughfare, which is located within a larger historic district, is lined with an inharmonious mix of low and mid-rise commercial and residential buildings. Drawing cues from  the rich architectural context of  Greenwich Village and the fragmented remnants produced by the diagonal  tear through that neighborhood, this new 15,000 sf residential building embraces the site’s discordancy, weaving brick, brownstone, glass and steel into a contemporary composition that starts to stitch the urban fabric back together. This careful attention to the material palette extends to the building’s interior spaces. The spatial layout of the units take advantage the site’s abundant exposures, including that of the quiet block interior. BKSK’s Interior Design Team directed the design of the development’s main lobby, residential units, and circulation and amenity spaces.


BKSK Interiors – Interior Design

Photos by Raimund Koch