Tribeca, NYC


AFC Realty Capital

In historic TriBeCa, the design of a new, modern seven-story residential building honors the specific history of the neighborhood. A long vacant lot was an opportunity to knit together a block of landmark structures and create a dialogue between new and old. The articulated glass facade references the adjacent building. Inside, the public areas of the home are behind the curtain wall and the private areas, like bedroom and bath, are located in the restored 116 Hudson building.

The modern, mostly glass portion of the old/new double façade is articulated with an integrated system of vertical supports, horizontal sunscreens, and glass frames. Brick reappears as a single vertical pier to effect a return to the block’s masonry material. The joint between each 1-story section of brick panel is emphasized with a small section of the curtain wall support material, as a counterpoint to the stone/brick detailing of the surrounding buildings. The brick on the pier also switches to metal panel above the fifth floor, marking the height of the original masonry and quietly reflecting its importance.


AIA NY Housing Design Awards, Housing Design Citation, 2005


“A new Tribeca structure to be joined to 1887 building,” New York Times, January 2004

Photos by Jonathan Wallen

"There is an elegance to the new façade. Actually, it is two pieces joined together, new and old. "